Program Goals

The Cranford House, Inc. will provide tools, support, and resources to help justice-involved women make positive choices, achieve meaningful goals, and be accountable for past actions. Utilizing restorative justice practices, The Cranford House will assure that the women have safe housing, find meaningful employment, work towards sobriety, and lead stable, crime-free lives. Together, as groups we have determine that lack of safe transitional housing, access to treatment for addiction, financial stability, and strong support systems were leading to recidivism. Thus, the Cranford House would be born – an attempt to interrupt this cycle by providing justice involved women access to basic resources and community support.


We are currently in the process of identifying a suitable location at which to open the home for women. We will seek a multi-family home where individuals can live in a safe environment. The women will share the rooms 2 per room. Residents will share the common areas of the home, and be collectively responsible for chores and upkeep of these areas.

Potential Residents

We hope to establish a relationship with probation or parole departments through which potential residents may be referred to our facility. We envision those establishing residency will be mandated to the program for a period of time, likely 6 months to 1 year, as a condition of their release. An intake and screening process will be employed through which we evaluate each potential resident’s background and needs. Some aspects of our programming will be mandatory for all residents, while others will be optional, based on each resident’s individual treatment plan.


House mothers will be available on site at all times, working in 3 shifts to monitor and supervise the residents. In addition, security will be on site. During the day shift, counselors specializing in reentry program will be on site to work with residents on their individualized treatment plans.

Resident Information

The Cranford House, Inc. will require the women in the house to complete the following:

• Attend 90 meetings in your first 90 days (for those in their first 90 days of recovery). Attend five meetings a week for those further along. We would have a 12-Step meeting on property every week with inspiring speakers.

• We would require all residents to obtain a sponsor with at least three years recovery, within two weeks of residence. Make a commitment to speak with your sponsor every day and start working on the 12 Steps together.
• Obtain at least five solid, clean and sober supports that you have met at meetings, who have over one year of recovery.

• Choose a home group during your first 30 days of residence.

• Keep their personal area neat and clean at all times.

• Obtain employment as soon as possible (there are plenty of safe recovery jobs close by our residences) and work 35 – 45 hours per week.

In some cases, residents may attend higher education and/or secure employment during their time in the home. We will assist each resident with applying for various entitlement programs, such as VA benefits or SNAP.

Residents will be subject to a curfew, random drug monitoring, and other household rules and regulations.

It is our goal to subsidize all costs of the program with contributions and gifts, coupled with government funding. However, if we are unable to secure adequate funding a sliding-scale fee may apply for residency.